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With the coaching industry constantly growing, ads constantly popping up on your news feed, and everyone offering something different with the promise of helping you scale your business, it's easy to be overwhelmed with the decision in hiring the right business coach or consultant for your business. We understand the stress that this can cause you. After all, a business coach is supposed to assist you with making your life as a business owner easier.

Why Phay Dee Consulting & Coaching?

Our services are by invitation only. Our services are not for everyone. We do not and will not offer invitations into our programs or services to everyone. We don't believe in charging you for our services if we don't think we can truly help you make a transformation in your practice. 

Unlike many of our competitors, our services offer both coaching programs and done-for-you consulting services. These options provide flexibility for you no matter where you are in your practice right now.

Although our programs (not including consulting services) are in a group setting, we do not work with more than 4 clients at a time. Why is this important? Our goal at Phay Dee Consulting & Coaching isn't to just to get clients. Working with a small number of clients at a time ensures that you're not just another number in a class. Our success is based on the success of our clients. Small group settings ensures that your business needs are always a priority.

Most of the time after your complete a program or course with other business coaches, that's the end of your time with them. After you complete our coaching program or course with us, you'll automatically receive an exclusive discounted rate into our paid membership community for continued support. In our paid membership community, you'll get access to free monthly training that will not be shared anywhere else (valued at $497), Q&A sessions, and the support of your peers.

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