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My name is Phay Dee. I was born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida. At a very young age, my father, an immigrant of Haiti, left his job at a local golf course to start his own landscaping business. Seeing him dominate the landscaping industry, even as saturated as the market is in South Florida, inspired me to become an entrepreneur myself.

At the age of 12, I started selling snacks to my fellow classmates. I started with selling just a few items that took up the extra space in my school backpack. Within weeks, my backpack became too small and I was now using a full-sized duffel bag to carry my snacks. I listened to what my classmates were interested in and updated my "inventory" to match. Eventually, I was selling out by the first period and I had to bring my other classmates on to my "team" to help me sell the additional snacks that I was bringing. With this side hustle, I didn't have to work a part-time job like many of my fellow classmates had to because I was literally making their paycheck in a day. I think it's safe to say that entrepreneurship runs in my viens.

I've been coaching those around me for as long as I can remember. I was the friend whom they reached out to whenever my friends have any new business ventures. Even now, I coach my friends. I'm passionate about what I do because I love seeing others around me win. When they win, it's a victory for me as well. I soon realized that the advice and help that I provided to those around me could help others as well.

My first client in the social work field told me about her practice that she had to close down because it costing her money to keep it open. After just a few short months of working with me, her private practice was generating 5 figures. This year, her practice is projected to hit 6 figures. She invested in her practice. Seeing her make this shift was confirmation that it was time to share my knowledge with others.  To say that I love what I do is an understatement.

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