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Phay Dee is a nationally acclaimed business consultant that helps her clients thrive in their business of private practice with proven marketing and branding strategies and with organized backend procedures.

Born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida, Phay Dee started her entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 12 selling snacks while in middle school. Her inspiration is her father, an immigrant of Haiti, who quit his job at a high-end golf course to start his own six-figure landscaping business.

By the age of 13, she was earning 5 figures each month with her side hustle. She went on to graduate and started a business in the beauty industry, which she later closed to focus on her education.

Years later, after facing homelessness and other personal obstacles, she founded a women's social group in Arizona where she provides support to women all over the states.

After assisting several other female entrepreneurs in the service industry level up in their business, she officially created Phay Dee Consulting.

Phay Dee Consulting was initially created for female entrepreneurs in the service-based industry, but after overcoming her own mental health issues of depression and anxiety, she wanted to give back to a community that helped her in her time of need.


Today, she helps her clients build profitable private practices with the population that they want to serve without having to resort to working several jobs, working online directories, and being stuck in an agency that is no longer fulfilling.

Is your private practice next?

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