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I am the CEO of Phay Dee Consulting, a premium business consulting firm that provides done-for-you services for licensed mental health providers who want to create a bigger impact in the communities that they serve with a profitable, scalable private practice.

It's time to take your gift of helping others to the next level.

Our Results:

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A private practice without being overwhelmed is possible!

You have invested in your education to properly serve your community in their time of need. You are a born giver and have become a support system for those around you. You have a gift of providing guidance to others. You deserve to have someone in your corner to help guide you and your brand to the private practice you have always wanted. You are more than just a mental health provider. You are a life changer! Let us help you scale your brand to change not only the lives of your clients, but the quality of your life as well.

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